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Sage Pastel Partner

Pastel Partner Intermediate V19

Lesson 1: Installing Sage Pastel Partner
A. Preparing to Install 
B. Installing Sage Pastel Partner
C. Resolving the Decimal Separator Error
D. Registering your Sage Pastel Partner

Lesson 2: Working in the Demo Company
A. Opening A Company in Sage Pastel Partner
B. Navigating in Sage Pastel Partner 
C. Operate the Function and Shortcut keys in Sage Pastel Partner

Lesson 3: Creating a New Company
A. Setting up a Company  B. Using the Setup Assistant

Lesson 4: Auto Setup
A. Using the Auto Setup after creating your company

Lesson 5: The Edit Menu - Customers
A. Creating a Customer Category 
B. Creating a Customer Masterfile 
C. Changing the processing method from Open Item to Balance Forward
D. Printing a Customer Masterfile listing

Lesson 6: The Edit Menu - Suppliers
A. Creating a Supplier Masterfile
B. Printing a Supplier Masterfile listing 

Lesson 7: The Edit Menu – Inventory and General Ledger
A. Creating General Ledger accounts 
B. Creating Inventory Categories 

Lesson 8: Creating and Editing Accounts and Inventory Items
A. Editing a General Ledger main account
B. Creating a Customer Account 
C. Creating a range of Inventory Items

Lesson 9: Processing
A. Processing a Supplier Invoice for a non-inventory item 
B. Processing Customer Invoices 
C. Processing Cash Book & Petty Cash entries 
D. Processing a journal for accruals 

Lesson 10: Second Month of Processing
A. Processing a Second Month of trading 
B. Prepare a Quotation 
C. Create Sales Orders and Invoices 
D. Process a Credit Note 
E. Use the Remittance Assistant 
F. Process additional documents 
G. Process Month End documents 
H. Tax Manager Processing 

Lesson 11: The View Menu
A. View periodic Financial reports
B. View periodic Customer reports 
C. View periodic Supplier reports 
D. View periodic Inventory reports 

Lesson 12: Sundry Optimisation
A. Correction of Errors 

B Scheduled Invoicing
B. Take on Balances 
C. View Financial Reports 
E. Complete a Bank Reconciliation

Pastel Partner Advanced V19

Lesson 1 : Advanced Functions in the File Menu
A. Consolidating Companies 
B. Export / Import
C. Data Integrity
D. Send and Receive Accountant Data
E. Printer / Font Set up

Lesson 2 : Advanced Functions
A. User Set up
B. Creating a New Entry Type
C. Editing the Tax Box Layout
D. Budgets
E. Projects
F. Depreciation
G. Accruals
H. Purchase of an Asset
I. Tax in the General Journal
J. Using a Salaries and Wages Control Account

Lesson 3 : Advanced Customer Functions
A. Multiple Delivery Addresses
B. Discounts and Special Prices
C. Make One for All Feature
D. Processing and RD Cheque
E. Accounting for Bad Debts
F. Mail Merge feature

Lesson 4 : Advanced Supplier Function
A. Additional Cost Invoices
B. Processing Invoices with Customs Tax

Lesson 5 : Advanced Functions in Change Menu
A. Delete History / Clear Files
B. Delete Inactive Customers / Suppliers
C. Open Item / Balance Forward Conversions 
D. Reconcile / Unreconcile Cash Book 
E. Renumber Codes 
F. Block Customers / Suppliers Assistant 

Lesson 6 : Advanced Functions Utility Menu
A. Microsoft Office Integration 
Lesson 7 : Other Advanced Functions
A. Forms Designer
B. Forms Assistant

Lesson 8 : Connected Services

A. Mobility
B. Sage Pay

C. My Customer Zone

D. Pay Now

Lesson 9 : Inventory

A. Inventory Selling Prices Adjustment

B. Inventory Count

Lesson 10: Year End

A.What the Year End Does

B. Preparing to run the Year End

C. Year End Checklist

D. Running the Year End Assistant.


Partner V19 Installation Technician

A. Networks
B. Installing Sage Pastel Partner
on a Workgroup
C. Installing Sage Pastel Partner Version 17 on a Client Server Network 
D. Registering Sage Pastel Partner Version 17
E. Converting your previous companies 
F. Pervasive

Partner V19  Product Consultant

Multi Stores
A. Introduction
B. Set up 
C. Processing 
D. Count Inventory
E. Reports 

Bill of Materials
A. Overview 
B. Set up 
C. Create Bills of Materials and Kit Item Codes 
D. Manufacture and Unmanufactured Items 
E. Using Kit Items 
F. Reporting on Manufacturing 

Serial Number Tracking
A. Setting Up Serial Numbers 
B. Creating Serial Numbers 
C. Processing with Serial Numbers 
D. Serial Number Reports 
E. Additional Serial Number Item Functions 

Multi Currency
A. Setting Up Multi Currency
B. Processing in Multi Currency
C. Multi Currency Reports
D. Euro Processing 

Point of Sale
A. Introduction
B. Setting Up Point of Sale 
C. Processing Point of Sale Transactions 
D. Point of Sale Reports 
E. Compacting the Data Base 

A. Setting Up Receipting Module
B. Processing in Receipting Module 
C. Receipting Module Reports

Time and Billing
A. Setting up Time and Billing 
B. Processing Timesheets
C. Generating Time and Billing Invoices
D. Time and Billing Reports 

GL Manager
A. Functions of the GL Manager

Sage Pastel Bank Manager
A. Introduction 
B. Processing in Bank Manager

Sage Pastel Debtors Manager
A. Introduction 
B. Installing Debtors Manager 
C. Setting Up Debtors Manager
D. Processing in Debtors Manager

Project Tracker
A. Introduction
C. Project Groups 
D. Reports 

Fixed Assets
A. Installation of SDK 
B. Defaults 
C. Ledger Accounts
D. Depreciation Methods 
E. Asset Types 
F. Block Assets 
G. Locations 
H. Capex Budget 
I. Capex Orders 
J. Other 
K. Creating Assets 
L. Assets Processing 
M. Enquiries 
N. Reports
Partner V17 Product Specialist

Sage Pastel Partner V12 Product Specialist
A. General Ledger, Customers and Suppliers Transactions
B. Inventory Transactions
C. Troubleshooting

Partner V17 Technical Specialist

Sage Pastel Partner V12 Technical Specialist
A. Data Fixing Defined
B. File Structures
C. Data Integrity Test
D. Data Fixing Tools
E. Worked Examples
F. Defects




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